BISA V 1100S M

Drainage of sewage and dirty water, operation in septic tanks, small purifying installations and emptying of rainwater.
Specially adapted for building use.
Pump body in stainless steel.
Operating limitations
Maximum immersion: 7 m.
Maximum water temperature: 40 °C.
Maximum solid passage: ø35 mm.
Supplied with 10 m electrical cable H05RN-F and plug.
With float switch.
Union in plastic for different hose diameters.

Ref.: 0000210139

EAN code: 8421535173038

Peso (kg) 7,8
Monofásico (V) 230
Diam. paso sólidos (mm) 35
Inmersión máx. a nivel del agua (m) 7
Caudal máximo (l/h) 18000
Código EAN-13 8421535173038
Altura máxima (m) 8
Consumo de la bomba (W) 1100

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