ZONDA 130S M 240

Pumping of clear water, domestic supply, sprinkler irrigation, dripping and pressure Equipment.
Pump body in stainless steel.
Operating limitations
Maximum suction lift: 8 m.
Maximum water temperature: 40 °C.
Maximum solid passage: ø1.0 mm.
Starting pressure: 1.5 kg/cm2 (working pressure: 1.5-3.0 bar)
Supplied with 24 l pressure tank, 1 m H07RN-F electric cable and plug.

Ref.: 0000210143

EAN code: 8435393365573

Peso (kg) 10,8
Potencia (W) 1300
Monofásico (V) 230
Altura (m) 50 (8m aspiración)
Caudal máximo (l/h) 4800
Código EAN-13 8435393365573
Capacidad calderín (l) 24

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